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Ski runs

Ski run, Flattach, from the terrace of the house

This ski run is situated some hundreds of metres from the house. It is excellent for children to learn to ski and to sledge. A platter lift makes it possible for you to acquire the first steps in skiing. The ski run is open even on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening from 18 to 22. As a place for relaxation during and after skiing and sledging the Hütte waits for you.


Mölltaler Gletscher 8 kms from the house (a free ski bus stop 70 ms from the house)

The underground glacier train was opened in 1997 which makes the Mölltal glacier easily accessible for tourists throughout the year. It is the place where the highest ski slopes of Carinthia can be found and this position ensures snow during the year. The glacier train, bridging a fall of 1000 metres, takes you up to the middle station situated at the height of 2200 ms within 8 minutes where you can go on with gondola lifts for six people to the ultramodern Eissee Restaurant situated as high as 2800 ms, and then to the upper slopes. The impressive restaurant dominates the ski resort and its glass frontage beautifully reflects the mountain world.

Besides Eissee Panorama Restaurant, the old „Weißseehaus“, „Duisburger Hütte“ and „Goldgräberhütte“ contribute to the gastronomic offer of Mölltaler glacier.

Skiers are taken to the glacier both with a chairlift of two seats and one of six seats up to 3200 ms. The ski season starts in October and finishes at the beginning of May on the wide ski slopes which are maintained with a great care every day. The upper ski runs are open for skiers even in summer. The longest ski run, called Abfahrt Eissee, has FIS classification and is 7 kms long. Cross-country skiers can use a well-prepared, high-altitude cross-country ski run of 13 kms long.

Height: 2200-3122 ms

The length of ski runs: 71 kms

black run 21 kms
red run 26 kms
blue run 24 kms


Mallnitz Ankogel 17 kms from the house (a free ski bus stop 70 ms from the house)

Mallnitz is a friendly alpine resort in Carinthia. The Ankogel ski run can be found right next to the town. Large double gondola lifts take skiers to its highest peak (2630 ms) in two sections.

The fall of 1350 ms can be skied without interruption on wide slopes of 7 kms long. There are two platter lifts at the foot of the runs which are excellent for beginners to learn skiing. .

Mallnitz has also some other entertainment facilities in winter: eg. a skating-rink, a sledge run of 5 kms long, a swimming pool, etc.

Height: 1287-2636 ms

The length of ski runs: 35 kms

black run 5 kms
run 27 kms
blue run 3 kms


Lienz Zettersfeld-Hochstein(39 kms from the house)

The sunny Lienz.

Lienz involves two separate ski run systems which were built on the slopes around the town. While the easy runs of the sunny Zettersfeld are ideal for families with children, Hochstein with its varied ski runs offers challenges for more experienced skiers. The view to the rocks of Lienz Dolomites is amazing from both places.

Zettersfeld is situated at the height of 1670 and 2278 metres mostly over the tree-covered area and well-maintained, more declivous ski runs protected from avalanches characterize it as long as 27 kms. A gondola lift, three chairlifts and three bugel lifts take skiers up there. Although most of the ski runs are blue or red, lovers of challenges can be satisfied with deep snow runs and with a ski slope mound. You can ski right down to the valley on a forest slope.


Bad Gastein Region (34 kms from the house)

12 kms of 34 kms have to be taken by train (Autoschleuse Böckstein - Mallnitz).

The Gastein Valley is one of the most popular winter resorts in Salzburg Province due to its thermal water and the surrounding mountains. there are several ski resorts by the three settlements: Bad Gasten, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein, the Ski Amadé Ski Pass is valid for each of them.

Stubnerkogel (west of Bad Gastein) - altogether a 40 km-long ski run

Graukogel (east of Bad Gastein) - altogether a 14 km-long ski run

Schlossalm (by Bad Hofgastein) - altogether a 49 km-long ski run

Sportgastein (around 10 kms from Bad Gastein) - altogether 24 km-long ski run

Grossarltal - Dorfgastein - altogether 80 km-long ski run

The resort of Bad Gastein is charachterized by the mixture of the traditional alpine houses and the old multi-storey hotels, apartments and residential buildings. Starting from the end of the town a new gondola lift of 8 persons takes you directly up to the peak of Stubnerkogel to the height of 2250 metres. Skiing down on the other side of the peak to Angertal you can directly reach the Schlossalm skiing area over Bad Hofgastein.


Heiligenblut - 44 kms from the house

Heiligenblut is situated close to the highest mountain of Austria, Grossglockner (3798 ms). The ski resort lies between 1300 and 2900 metres a ski run system of 55 kms and altogether 44 lifts belong to. There are excellent deep snow runs in the upper parts and undoubtedly, even the view has to be taken into account: more peaks over 3000 metres, among them the sight of the Grossglockner. Heiligenblut is always snow-covered, but it is due to its outstanding micro climate and not to the snow cannons so the season starts at the end of November and lasts till Easter.